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The CDA7 Luminair

The Luminair is an electric aircraft incorporating a high efficiency solar array capable of meeting the aircraft's cruise power requirement, giving indefinite flight time. The Luminair fits in the SSDR (single seat deregulated) category, requiring minimal paperwork and ownership costs. The design focuses on high efficiency and low cost.

The Luminair's large wingspan and high efficiency design allows for good soaring abilities, in addition to its long range conventional cruising abilities. The aircraft is targeted at both microlight pilots and glider pilots looking for a viable, affordable electric aircraft.

Span: 12m

Wing area: 12 sqm

Cruise speed: 52 knots

Stall speed: 25 knots

Never exceed speed: 90 knots



Cruise power: 2.5kW

Maximum motor power: 12kW

Max endurance only

on battery power: 1 hour

Motor unit: 12Kw BLDC motor

Construction: Composites 

Undercarriage: Fixed, taildragger

MTOW: 230kg

G limits: +4/-2 g

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