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Previous projects

Dhenin Aircraft has been involved in variety of projects since its creation in 2021. You can learn more here.

Human powered aircraft

The Super-Lazarus Human powered aircraft is the current aircraft of the Southampton University human powered aircraft society (SUHPA). The aircraft was designed by Charles Dhenin and built from 2021 to 2022. It won SUHPA the Formula flight prize for the second time.

With a 26m wingspan, a length of 8m and an empty weight of only 40kg, this represents years of development in the field of ultra-lightweight structures and high efficiency aircraft design conducted by Dhenin Aircraft.


Renewable composite UAV

Eco-Valerie is a UAV built from renewable flax fiber composites, wood, and advanced 3D printing methods using biodegradable materials. The external design of the aircraft is based on the Valerie V3 design by SotonUAV, a research company based at Southampton University. 

Eco-Valerie was built by Dhenin Aircraft for SotonUAV, and is scheduled for a maiden flight in summer of 2023. 


High speed carbon composite UAV

Roadrunner is a Southampton University project to design and build a high speed UAV. The aircraft is built for a maximum speed of 220mph, although the current powertrain currently installed limits the design to 150mph. 

Dhenin Aircraft designed the structure and powertrain options for the aircraft, and built the aircraft's airframe.

The aircraft is +8g/-6g capable, and has reached speeds of up to 135mph so far.

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